When the first link was created in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa.

The name of Los Arcos is an offering to the aqueduct built in the eastern part of the city of Culiacan since the XIX century, which was used to irrigate the old sugar cane fields. Built with the classic brick of the region in the form of arches, this construction can still be admired today as part of the city’s heritage.

Our clients and friends have identified us for more than 45 years as “The Best Seafood Cuisine of the Pacific Coast”; thus, achieving a remarkable place at a national level in the gastronomic field.



Taco Gobernador®

Buttered corn tortilla filled with shrimp machaca, diced poblano peppers, onions and shredded cheese.

It all started when aspiring governor Francisco Labastida Ochoa had his campaign closure dinner at Los Arcos restaurant, in Mazatlan.

While dining, he was in the mood for something light, which made his wife Maria Teresa Uriarte and famous Mexican singer Lola Beltran, to go to the restaurant´s kitchen. They fixed some quesadillas to which they added some shrimp machaca, after heating up the grill with some butter.

taco bonita®

Spicy grilled shrimp taco, served with chipotle sour cream, lettuce and mexican salsa.

In 2008 the founding chef José Gaxiola was inspired, he cooked grilled shrimp and made it taco, adding cabbage and salsa with a touch of sour cream.

He called it Taco Bonita.

filete culichi®

Slightly sautéed in butter, covered with our special creamy poblano pepper sauce. Baked au gratin, served hot. Named after our city of origin, Culiacán, where the story began.

filete doña reyna®

A truly special recipe. Oven-baked fish fillet, with shrimp, mushrooms, celery, onions, bacon, just a touch of chipotle and cheese.
A traditional dish in family reunions, inspiration from the mother of the founders of Grupo Los Arcos. Holds the name after a great cook.


For Los Arcos it is important the continuous development of the people who make up our work team, so we lead them by the values of discipline, proactivity, honesty, loyalty and humility for continuous professional growth to strengthen the legacy of our group.


To highlight the style of our seafood cuisine, prepared with passion and freshness, through a warm service, generating an integral experience of satisfaction to customers and friends.


To position ourselves in new markets, transcending as a family business, without losing our essence for several generations, thanks to our commitment to the development and humane treatment of our employees.